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"Whenever someone mentions Stronghold, two facts immediately jump to the fore of my consciousness.

Firstly, the original Stronghold apparently managed to outsell Grand Theft Auto III in Germany. Despite its regressive tech-base and distinctly unglamorous premise, the economic powerhouse of central Europe far preferred to make economic houses of power than join the rest of the world in beating up prostitutes like good little consumers.

Secondly, apparently four monarchs listed cause of death is by consuming a "surfeit of lampreys". One would be enough, but the idea that four bluebloods would chomp down upon piles of slithering eels to the point where their guts just burst is completely bewildering.

Like most of my favourite facts, I'm not actively interested in discovering whether either is actually true. Believing that a chirpy niche RTS/Management game can outsell the Biggest Game In The World in the right marketplace and that lampreys really are that moreish just makes the world a better place."

Eurogamer lobbed up my review of Stronghold 2 while I was away. Next review is Guild Wars for some point next week, possibly followed by Imperial Glory depending on whether I'm all RTSed out or not yet.


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