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A year and a half ago Steve Pierce, gregarious head of the OPM2 conglomerate and I had a cheery lunch about comic strips. Particularly, he'd seen Scott McLeod's fairly high brow game design scripts in one of the US mags, and fancied something similar, if taken down a few notches. I gave him some advice and eventually said that I'd find an artist and do a "test" one for him, then see how it went.

McKelvie and I have been doing them ever since.

Probably about time I stuck a few online, eh?

The link below connects to a gallery of the first year of Save Point strips. 13 of the bastards, because magazines work to a very different drummer to the rest of the world. The concept was a middle-brow observational comic, purely using stuff which gamers have to deal with every day which never makes it into the magazines. No jokes about specific games or response to current affairs, just general trends and thoughts in gaming. We've managed to stick relatively close to that mandate. I thought they'd just be a year's worth of ideas, but we've just hit twenty and we haven't quite reached the bottom of the barrel. Dunno what we'll do when we do: probably have a RAGNAROK OF THE SAVE POINT story or something as a final self-indulgent flourish before running off to the hills to count our enormous piles of cash.

Anyway: Here you go. Thirteen of the bastards, made often under tight deadlines (because we inevitably forget when they're actually due for and/or McKelvie having to run off to sew a new badge onto his bowling jacket or something), including the double-size Christmas special.

, if only to follow the recurring motif of hot punky girls. We must play to our strengths.

EDIT: Seems that has been lobbing some of them online. Here they are (In a slightly odd format): One.And the other.




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