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"With the massive success of World Of WarCraft, many of those in the MMO space may be trying to emulate the extremely detailed, in-depth game world of Blizzard's smash hit. However, this certainly isn't the case for the ex-Blizzard staff at ArenaNet, who are now owned by Korean-headquartered MMO giant NCSoft.

Philosophically, despite all the trappings of the fantasy RPG, Guild Wars is on an entirely different pole from the traditional massively-multiplayer online game. First off, it features no traditional subscription fee, with the initial purchase providing unlimited access and further investment rendered optional in the form of bi-annual add-on packs."

Interview with Jeff Strain for serious developer-focused website Gamasutra. First work I've done for them, and pleased to have the opportunity. Completely different audience to the usual crowd.

Er... I quote the intro, as it's late and I'm tired and can't be bothered finding a quote by Mr Strain saying something controversial. Go see yourself.




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