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"Maybe it’s the novocaine – is that what it’s called in the UK? Perhaps not; still, it’s such a pretty word – but right now, frozen in the dentist’s chair, RedEye’s never been more in love. The dentist looks like an angel, her white light halo made from anglepoise medical lighting. She pushes some cotton wool firm against RedEye’s gum, and then touches the grinding tool back to the lower left molar. Everything inside his head vibrates; above the buzzing and the clean hiss of the moisture suction pipe, the assistant hums whatever’s on the radio. It turns out to be Nelly vs *NSync. Man, that just makes everything perfect. Good stuff, novocaine.

“So, you write about computer games?” she asks.

“Riggiogamegh,” replies RedEye. The dentist nods sympathetically."

Ste Curran comes out.

"Other journalists have their press trips, but it's the sheer quantity and unlikely decadence of the games junkets that sets them apart. At virtually any time in the year, there will be a bunch of pasty hacks living it large in LA, San Francisco, Vegas, Tokyo, various locations in Europe (which doesn't really count), and the UK (which is considered an insult). In the last month, as a freelancer across several titles, I've visited Paris, Dubai, New York and Limerick, with the forthcoming week offering a launch party in Berlin segueing into three days' snowboarding in Val d'Isère."

Steve Hill on the glorious excess of life as a games journalist. Or perhaps, more accurately, the glorious excess of life as Steve Hill.




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