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"It's a Real-Time Strategy Game.

This, if nothing else, makes Act of War: Extraneous Subtitle something of a rarity in the busy gaming world of 2005. While every other game seems to be integrating elements of everything from role-playing games to platform games (at least in the case of the widely anticipated Command & Conquer: Its-a Me! Yuri!), Act of War keeps things familiar. If you brought someone forward in time from those crazy salad days of the mid-nineties, and put a line-up of games before them, they'd identify Act of War with a cheery "Yes - that's the RTS". It has Strategy. It's in Real Time! It's a game! It has Strategy and it's in Real Time and it's a game! It's a Real Time Strategy Game!

[Actually, it's a Flight Sim -Inevitable Pedant]"

Act of War review over at Eurogamer. I'd have named the inevitable pedant Taurus, but that's too injokey even for me.




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