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I'm sorry, but I've got to spread this running joke a bit so people don't look at me as if I were insane whenever I use it.

Walker's been reviewing a game called Legacy. It's the usual sort of thing which ends up in his lap, being a foriegn rendered adventure. Putting aside its quality - though you may be able to guess, knowing Walker's reputation - it has one absolute stand-out feature.

A theme tune.

Available here.

It plays over the credits. Listening to it, you may wonder how on earth it relates to the game. Thankfully for our communal sanity, this piece of seemingly nonsensical - yet highly quotable - europop nonsense that *somehow* reminds me of Brassy, really doesn't. It also never answers the question that if the woman is actually the Sheriff's fiance and they've been engaged for eight years, how can he not have asked not asked her to marry him? That's what "engaged" means.

So - now when Walker or I say "You strike me as a VERY jealous woman" (Which I'll do to the concubine every time she gets in a bit of a tiff) or "You don't look like a Burglar to me" (Whenever his house gets robbed), you'll know what's going on.

It's not "War's never been this much fun", but sterling show. More of this sort of thing, B-developers. It'll get you bonus marks, and - let's be honest - you need them.


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