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"When we talk about wanting more information on the non-technical aspects of games in our game reviews, is this what we're actually asking for? The New Games Journalism seeks to recreate one player's experience of a game using a gonzo record of that player's experience, with all biases intact. The reader then uses their emotional response to the article to determine whether the game is worth experiencing personally. In order to make a review long enough to feel substantial, in order to actually find meaning worth talking about, doesn't the reviewer have to put forth some sort of bias with which to identify any meaning at all? Isn't New Games Journalism's harbinger, Always_Black's "Bow, Nigger" an article about online race relations, with Jedi Knight II as the stage on which the events actually take place?"

Clockwork Grue finds an interesting angle on subjectivity in games journalism over at Game Girl Advance, touching on the NGJ and the Christian reviews of videogames. Perceptive, with not much I actively disagree with, bar the traditional not-much-NGJ-in-US-mags-therefore-there-is-no-NGJ-in-mags assumption.

Also, while you're there, have a read of their amusing investigation into the CoH and NCsoft versus Marvel law suit. Which inspired Walker into doing something similar.




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