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"The week that Hunter S Thompson committed suicide seems like an appropriate (or staggeringly inappropriate – I can’t decide which) time to talk about the state of videogame journalism. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to a Maoist game review site and briefly mentioned the rise of New Games Journalism, a highly subjective approach to videogame writing in which the player’s own experiences within the game environment are brought to the fore. Of course, this style has its roots in the gonzo journalism practised by Thompson and his contemporaries, which partly explains my timing."

Somehow missed this long piece over at the Guardian Games Blog by ex-flatmate Keith Stuart about the whole New Games Journalism malarkey. Interesting also for the thread of comments streaming afterwards, from games journalists past and present.

Random thing that's been nagging on my mind recently: we're approaching the one year anniversary of the manifesto. Probably a good time to collect my thoughts on the issues into something more coherent.

No, not NGJ V2.0.

Perhaps worth giving a plug for AB's Blackbored forum where I found the link. One of my current favourite web forums, for its high signal/noise ratio.




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