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Wanted to wait until after the move to post this, as I knew they were going to be several long posts in my final week in Bath, and wanted it to stick around...


Now we are three.

COMMERCIAL SUICIDE, the 'zine of wrong, is gearing up for its third issue, to be launched at Bristol in May.

To that end, Gillen and I seek your submissions. We're looking for 1-8 page stories, the wronger and funnier, the better. No comic strips, nothing over 8 pages unless we know you and love you. More details here. We don't care if people have been published before or not; we only care if the script is funny.

The deadlines are: Scripts in by 30 March. Finished art in by 1 May.

You're welcome to find your own artist, draw it yourself, or ask us to match you up with an artist (or a writer!).

Email myself (alex_de_campi *i really hate spam* at hotmail *yes I do* com) and Kieron (kieron at gillen7 dot fsnet dot co dot uk) for more details. Those of you who saw or bought COMMERCIAL SUICIDE 2 (we love you) can attest that it was quite a lovely book indeed.


And she's not lying.

I'm working idly on my script at the moment, with a structure in mind to hang the jokes off. Unless I change my mind and/or decide it's not actually funny, it's going to be ULTIMATE POL-POT.




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