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Richey Manic fucked off 10 years ago today. And may write more about that later, but first things first.

This list of who's hot Hot HOT! in male comics creators has been linked to widely across the comics Blogosphere. It also reminds me of an idea I had a while ago, and have tried to wheedle friends into since and somehow failed. I'll release the idea, and hope it finds a seed.

A few years back, I remember a female-lead pseudo-Suicide Girls-esque site which mixed in a healthy selection of comics alongside . I forget its name right now (My Thingie?) but that's not the point right now. I thought it would be a good idea to rip off, and inverse genres.

Up and coming male comics wanabees. In the buff. For your pleasure, ladies.

Think about... Beautiful Jamie "Kitten" McKelvie exposed at the drawing board for all those punky ladies. Nick Locking, flaxen locks all slime-light sweaty for all the modern strain of goth. LA Cutie Charlie Chu for that more exotic dollar. You're hot already.

Plus - y'know - some comics.

People say the anglophone comics market isn't interesting anymore. We'll show you interesting.

Sadly, my peers are cowards, so I offer it to the next generation of no-hoper writers and artists. Go forth and do your clit-teasing best with it.




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