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I've just been rumaging through someone else's rubbish while listening to Heartless Romantic by the Dears. Thought I'd get some practice in for my inevitable vagrancy down the line.

"Heartless Romantic", handily made available on their site, is an atypical example of what the Dears do. It's more ramshackle. It's relatively sparse. It wears its gimmicks more proudly than is fashionable (Off topic, but I've added people decrying anything for "gimmickry" to my list of critical red signals (See also: Dumbing Down). Use the phrase, and I automatically crank how much time I give your opinions down a couple of notches). But, it's still distinctly them, as it features the restless intelligence and emotional commitment. It's excellent for walking to.

Its a song that's suspended from two deliberately constructed peaks.

The first is its deliberately extended intro. The your-first-drum-beat enters, sounding as if they're walking down a long corridor on the way to the recording studio. Piano notes arrive next, on the expanded chord change, louder. The drums crecendo slowly to match it, then continues until it's a pummelling child's-foot-stomp thing. It's almost a minute by the time anything other than this arrives. Just before the expectant point where you know something else must *surely* happen arrives, a distorted vocal hits you, purred down a speakerphone. And before you've recovered from that, a single extended organ note rings from the left speaker, suspending the voice above it. This gospel-soul sound rubbing against this crackle of a scream...

Well, the song continues, adding more elements as and when it feels like it until it's a glorious tired and broken mass of noise, until it reaches the second peak.
Instrumental break. Everything bar the bass drum and the organ drops, and we're gifted with the presence of a a deliciously sarcastic set of taut hand-claps. It's like the re-animated corpse of the Supreme's Baby-Love.

It simply the best song in the world for rooting through other people's rubbish too, and carrying the remains back to your home. There I found several large cardboard boxest. Fuck you, Major Supermarket chains. I don't need you anymore.

As Calvin said, There's Treasure Everywhere.




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