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"First up: games magazines. I regularly get into obstinate, pedantic word-flinging matches in comments threads across the Internet on the subject of games mags. Usually it’s because I’m just feeling like fighting, but sometimes I have a point to make too. Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about how games magazines are broken in one way or another. One of the issues that gets dragged up by my interlocutors is that games magazines fail, in one way or another, to address the needs and requirements of ‘casual gamers’. As writer Gillen regularly points out, if you’re a casual partaker in any subject you’re probably not going to be buy a magazine about it. We all enjoy music, but how many of us actually buy Q or the NME? Is that the fault of the magazines themselves? Have they been too elitist? No – the fact is that most of us simply have other priorities than reading reams of text regarding music, no matter how delicately orchestrated to cater to our casual palette these words might be."

Jim writes about writing and World of Warcraft, and has interesting things to say about both. I dare say most of you are already reading his blog, but consider this your reminder. Obviously, I quote this bit as he references me. Natch.




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