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"And remember when you're learning the techniques, remember what you're actually doing – don't kid yourself. If you think there's a huge amount of difference between you and Paul Joseph Goebbels, you're kidding yourself. Any form of art is propaganda. It is propaganda for a state of mind rather than a nation-state but it is propaganda nonetheless, and it's best if you accept that and understand what you're doing and be honest about it: you are trying to change the mind of your target audience. You are trying to change their perceptions, you are trying to stop them from seeing things how they see things and start them seeing things the way you see things."

Genuinely phenomenonal interview with Alan Moore. Could have quoted almost any paragraph of it, but I'll choose this one because it's something I've always believed in - that writing is mind-control, the annexing of someone's personality, lebensraum for ideas.

It's an interview which tatters your preconceptions of Moore's working routine, frankly. If you have delusions of being a writer, you'll find yourself asking some increasingly difficult questions.




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