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New webcomic by Mark Nicoll and I over at Always Black's.

A unexpected, if welcome, surprise this one.

After I finished my HIT work a couple of years back, I started idly thinking up another webcomic project. That ended up being Homo Depressus, with the idea being it would be a series of short comics, all set in the same constructed world, by the same artist. Something more of a coherent statement than the Let's Learn Comic Scripting of the HITs.

Anyway, one night Mark and I were chatting, and he expressed an interest in drawing a comic. It was a while ago, so I forget the exact details, but when we came out the other end of the chat, I'd promised to lob a short comic at him to experiment with from the Homo Depressus sequence, deliberately weighted to be relatively easy to draw and leaning towards his organic strengths as an artist. If it went well, we'd consider moving onto doing the whole thing.

It went well, but very slowly. Hadn't heard from Mark for about a year, only for him to arrive with the art in a comlpeted state one drunken night. A couple of fixes, and I can fulfil my promise to AB of lobbing him something to show off to his delightful readership.

I'm especially glad to publically do something with Mark. He was a core member of Cassandra who somehow got written out of history, working as hard as anyone in creating the baroquely beautiful Underground Base levels. However, this would have only appeared in what would have been Episode 3, his work never got a public showing. Shame, but that's Cass all over.

Anyway - enough, especially considering there's another good few paragraphs of wibble over at AB's to contexualise the story for you to work through yet.

And, yes, it's a transparent attempt to get some of Locking's famed spooky booty.




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