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So this is Christmas...

No, wrong tone. You're not getting anything Scrooge like out of me. I have a shameless love of Christmas.

Because, for me, there's very little to dislike. It's a holiday about giving presents to the people you love in a celebration of the simple fact you're all alive. There's not really much to object about there.

Of course it's *pointless*. But all celebrations of this sort are pointless. That's the point.

There's much that gets to me, and the picture of human nature you get when wandering the streets is never the prettiest - but that's more based around being forced to look at it. If the right mood hits, you feel the same way at any time of the year. All it takes is a rush-hour tube to make me return to Holy-Bible style visions of mankind as blind worms tunneling through the corpse of an Empire.

I suppose Christmas, for me, is about refocusing on what I consider important. By looking at the world and realising what makes me sad about life, it makes me realise what actually matters.

This is a positive thing. Loot and seeing the smiles on others face when you give them loot's just an added bonus.

What's the important thing in life at the moment?

Par-boiling potatoes. You'll have to excuse me.




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