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"This isn't a review.

There probably won't be a score at the bottom. I haven't decided yet. We'll see how the muse takes me. My guess will be not, because - well, if given the choice, which I have, who would give any MMO a review score? By the time you've written it, problems could be patched out of existence. Or problems could be patched into existence. Even if nothing changes, the experience alters according to the player base. And - worst of all - to really get a sense for one of these things, you have to play it for the lifespan of a small child.

Er... opinions about a finished game and no review score. That's actually one of those "First Look" things, isn't it? I knew there was a proper term lying around somewhere."

Lots of shameless Flamebait in my EQ2 piece for Eurogamer.




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