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"I haven't seen the sun for an eternity.

Okay, a week, but all human eternities are subjective. And I caught a glimpse of it on Thursday when I took a break to go play the ever-popular Be Nice To The Girlfriend To Avoid Her Dumping Me game. But otherwise, the sun has been steadfastly avoided, as every day I played Troika's latest until gone five in the morning, entered a torpor until the early afternoon, only to raise and find - thanks to the encroaching British Winter - the Sun has already disappeared. It's bad. I've taken to injecting vitamin D to prevent my organs prolapsing out of my body in greasy coils in protest.

There was one glorious moment when my flatmate, sharing my Vampiric gaming lifestyle, left the house at sundown for a walk. A memorable journey. Rain was a polluted baptism on our pallid faces. I felt dirty, debased and distant from the milling hordes as any point since the height of teenage alienation, sharing jokes with my friend who'd lived in a world these sheep could never grasp. They may have well been a different species. In other words, Vampire had done what only my very favourite games manage - to get beneath my skin, slide under the membranes of the brain and remix reality for a while. In the same way Thief had me dancing around the streetlights, Vampire had me revelling in my damned difference. That's some trick.

Taken out of context, you'll probably take that as a recommendation. And, I suppose, it is.

There are reservations. The devil's in the details."

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines for Eurogamer.




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