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Finally got around to watching Ring, the Japanese version. Yes, slow I know. It's been sitting in a "watch this" pile for about a year and a half now, and I finally found the motivation to give it my proper attention as vague background research for my feature on The Cradle I'm currently inching my way through.

Finish the film. Enjoyable slow-burn horror which I'm impressed that I actually manage to avoid any details of via the simple tactic of shouting at anyone who mentioned the bastard thing.

A couple of minutes later, I get a text message.

From a "Ringu".

Message reads "Seven Days...".

A momentary "oooooh-dear", before realising it's either The Concubine or Gril. It's the latter, because the former would never get involved with the requisite net-knowledge required to send such things.

I congratulate him. He denies it for a bit, which is only proper.

So well done housemate. You're a genius.

But THEN I tell Walker about it, and then HIS housemate Jonty reveals that it's just what he did to Gril after he saw Ring.

Gril is not a genius. He's a dirty, dirty plagarist.

He should be ashamed.




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