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A couple of reviews up at Eurogamer.

First, City of Heroes.

"On the main forum which I while away my working hours, there's a thread. It's about City of Heroes, though is currently named "City of Hot Mammas". That'll have inevitably changed by the time this review hits the net-presses; the moderators are taking great joy at changing it randomly whenever boredom strikes, just to keep things interesting. At the time of writing, it's just shy of 1,500 posts. Cute, you may think, but no biggie.

What's interesting is that the forum is nothing whatsoever to do with videogames. Just a standard - if wittier than most - gathering point online, where there are enough people to amass a gargantuan thread full of stories of superheroic adventure."

Then, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.

"My Dad built the rapids ride at Alton Towers.

No, really.

Well, not by himself. But being a Brickie-cum-foreman-cum-construction worker chap, he was one of the people who performed manual tasks and hard, outdoor labour that would mentally scar lightweights like me. He also claims credit for having the water flow over red sandstone rocks to get a slight scarlet tint to the waters for the bit where the giant rubber tubes pass between two water-falls in a parting-of-the-red-seas style. His working there lead to a batch of free tickets which took the family a couple of years to exhaust, so acting as a beam of light in an otherwise dreary midlands existence. Through my youthful eyes, this was the second best job my Dad ever worked on, just ahead of constructing Stafford’s McDonalds (so bringing home bags full of Hamburglar pens) and just behind Drayton Manor Park and Zoo (from which he managed to secure a splendid polystyrene replica skull).

And difficult introductory paragraph out of the way, that Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, eh?"




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