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"At issue here is whether the traditional way of reviewing games -- i.e., listing features, documenting bugs, recounting a few experiences, and handing out a score -- is a fundamentally poor way to review a game. Arguably, the gaming experience in totam (including adrenaline rushes, fits of anger and laughter, feelings of awe and revelation, and any number of other emotions; in short, the real reasons we play games) cannot easily be encapsulated by such a review. In light of the preceding, we may ask a few questions:

1. Is there a way to write about games that would include more of the things that make gaming special?

2. Would we do well to adopt such a style at the expense of the traditional method of reviewing games?

In certain circles, this new method of writing about games, dubbed The New Games Journalism, is gaining strength. Read on for more."

Lobo over at Evil Avatar writes about the NGJ, while linking to assorted pieces around the web, starting a lively debate.

Similarly, I've just recalled that a gent came up to me at the London comics thing to mention that it was namechecked by Ron "Monkey Motherfucking Island" Gilbert's GrumpyGamer, which makes this man proud.

Glad that people are still discovering and talking about it six months on. It's why I wrote the bastard, y'know.

Meanwhile, over at the TTLG forums, I'm kissing and telling on that Cassandra lady.




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