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Saturday night music time. Not even going to try and start on what I've been ranting at everyone within ear's reach for the last 24 hours. Instead, a big-big love only a few hours old.

The Go! Team.

One of their websites describes them as Sonic Youth versus the Jackson 5, which sounds about right, if you filter that through a more ramshackle version of the Avalanches sample delerium. Something childlike and immediate about their constructions - and that I wrote "Childlike" rather than "Childish" is very important.

Especially well timed as I woke up this morning with a terrible urge implanted by re-reading the KLF's The Manual and listenining to Sean Paul pop-dancehall singles to try and do something pop-music related, and The Go! Team are close enough to what I was thinking to make me decide to not to bother.

Some music on the site linked upthread. Some more here, which is probably where you should go first. "The Power Is On" should be your first stop.

Oh yes - and Stu Egan's New Noise piece on them can be found somewhere around here.




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