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First and most important things now, I think. That is, your money into our pockets.

Commercial Suicide V2.0
is now available to purchase, either direct from the creators (For UK and mainland Europe) or from Prices are a fiver for the UK folk or eight dollars from the US, plus postage. For those of you who live nearish to me, I've got copies you can have for just the money, minus postage.

Now, that's a 102 page over-sized comic anthology with a real spine and we're clearly self-mutilating on the profit margin. It's a desperate call for help, so don't ignore us.

Picked up some press from Rich Johnston, the world's premier comics gossip columnist and - er - CS2.0 contributor. Shush!

"One of the con's highlights in that regard was the debut of "Commercial Suicide," a professionally produced square bound oversized anthology book featuring material so amusing that Gosh! Comics in London even refused to stock it. They sold all 100 copies they brought at £5 ($10) each."

For the record, the bits which GOSH pointed out they were worried about were the Anal insertion of a hangun in DUCK WITH GUN 2: NEITZCHE AND SCRATCHY and the Bishop/Nun-fucking in THE NEW TESTAMENT. But - y'know - they could have probably picked any two pages if they were going to play the obscenity card.

Alex and I spent pretty much the whole day on the splendid Just One Page table shouting ramblings at passersbys. We very much took the hard sell verbal-kung-fu approach, with the clinching factor usually being that if you buy a copy, we'll shut the fuck up and leave you alone. I literally lost my voice by bed-time with all the shouting and post-selling hanging around in smokey bars.

As an object, I'm pleased. Inside our remit - strong-stomached comedy - we've wandered to pretty much all the extremes. Some stuff is relatively light and playful. Other stuff is debased beyond all measure. All genres are mocked equally. In terms of art style, we've got everyone from strong realists to the diseased scribblings of men-mentals to Manga influences to cartoon-minimalism to genuinely unique indie-warpness...

Anyway: Buy it. And, as my final piece of pitch normally went when my voice was going, read the first two pages if you need any more persuasion. It's THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SIGMUND FREUD.

WEF-flashback: Make with the clicky.

Random factlet: Total takings for the table was £666.

So there you go then.




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