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Back from my week of random oddball jobs feeling suitably mauled by life, which is the best way. Extremes were courted, it being a week where I went from sleeping in a four-star hotel on one night to on a dog-haired sofa with my coat for sheets the next. I'll try and split it across several posts, I think, as I move through the week.

Start with something relatively unconnected. When wandering around Camden with Kitten McKelvie, picked up the latest Queen And Country trade, Operation Dandelion. This is the onew which features some scenes set in Bath which I provided photo-ref for. You can admire the coffee shop Walker tends to go and buy stuff from, the street opposite where DJ Jim used to live and the off-licence which provides me chewing gum and booze on a nearly daily basis.

It's also ace, so buy it already, will'ya.

(Assuming you're following Q&C. If not, start at the beginning, as it's simply the finest Spy comic existence. And if you require more convincing, I wrote this about it for Panelbleed.)




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