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Distrust women.

As far as a general rule for life goes, it's never a bad one. And, for those about to throw the suffragette cocktail, it rates just behind the "Men are lying to you" one. Do not distrust them because they are foul creatures, crawling from the pit dripping pretty smiles and armadgeddon.

Distrust women because they, despite what the wide eyes and determined cleavage may inform you, are people. And people should be distrusted. They have dirty chromosomes inside them, that will twist their best intentions.

You know that it's true.

Tonight was a standard Friday night - that is, videogame journalists pissed up on the finest booze-drinks - until a random external factor. The eternal princess of alcohol, Frauline Williams, entered with assorted friends from her last job. That is, children's book editors. Man, it was just like the scene from Greece based around... well, wasn't like Grease at all. The people in Grease had more grace.

So, in the red corner assorted female intelligent female kiddie-book editors. In the blue, corner, assorted male video-game journalists. Now, vaguely being associated with the xy corner, I felt the general twitch - that is, to vaguely justify your own existence in front of various strangers while drunks. Which - y'know - is pretty fucking dumb, because the people we're talking to are just as intellectually insecure as my brotherhood.

(When are you gonna get a real job can apply just as equally to waffling nonsense about the first 21st century artform as it does apply to making pretty stories for pre-teens)

So, some funny moments, such as throwing out a shit load of serious Anna Karenia references in the face of the perpetually scarlet-clad Zoe in an intellectual double-bluff, hoping that Griddleoctopus - seated a foot to my left, and fully aware that it's what I was currently reading at the moment - wouldn't call me on my lack of knowledge (He did, the blessed shit), and other associated things. But ultimately, people in the pub, falling over, especially those dumb enough to have a y chromosome.

I started the piece with the line "Distrust Women". The post doesn't really give justification for it.

But isn't that the man/woman thing all over?




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