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cheesetoasties: you haven't written any drunken insanity on your blog
cheesetoasties: very disappointing
ProfHades0K: I was going to write a piece about sitting drunkenly at my table
ProfHades0K: Smoking
ProfHades0K: Or rather, just looking at the cigarette end
cheesetoasties: you are now this: a smoker
ProfHades0K: And looking one way and seeing my friends
ProfHades0K: talking about work crushing them down
ProfHades0K: And another
ProfHades0K: Seeing my friends talking about a lack of work crushing them down
ProfHades0K: And looking another
ProfHades0K: And seeing everything in the world
ProfHades0K: And then back to the cigarette
ProfHades0K: And thinking "All your fault"
ProfHades0K: If it wasn't for that little promethean flicker, none of this would exist.
ProfHades0K: Fire started all this.
ProfHades0K: And still, in the form of this fag, it haunts us all.
ProfHades0K: That's what I was going to blog about.
ProfHades0K: But I got distracted.
cheesetoasties: by a bee?
ProfHades0K: By life.




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