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"Both for newcomers and the initiated, I think it's worth taking a few moments to reiterate what the Warhammer 40,000 universe is all about. Bear with me. If we're exceedingly lucky, we'll chance upon a point.

It's the 40th millennia. This Dark Age, after the fall of Man. Humanity's domain is a million worlds, governed by a fascistic theocracy with a God-Emperor worshipped as a bona-fide deity. This man would be dead - in fact, it's entirely possible that he is dead - were not for the fact that an enormous baroque machine siphons the souls of thousands of psychics every day. A vast Inquisition gathers these frightening minds, between performing purges across human space, persecuting and executing untold billions, with rebel planets following rival creeds regularly suffering sterilisation bombardments from space. There is no hope, no truth, no peace, no love: only War.

And these are the good guys."

My review of Dawn of War over at Eurogamer. Expect to see a lot more work up there in the next few weeks.




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