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This post's for that rare creature who lives on the miniscus between the pop and games. Everyone else won't give a fuck.

(And I worry about everyone *but* those cross-class folk. I get links from both games and music sites about equally here, and those who come from just one or the other are going to be completely bemused on any given day. Don't worry. Everything's going to be okay.)

I've been wandering around the Sisters of Mercy's site with Big-Robot webmaster and sonic-scientist DAT. Initially I was trying to check whether Marian was a cover or not, but we've long since been distracted by the various FAQs and pieces of writing all over the site. It has, if its to been believed, been entirely coded by Eldritch. Bits are clearly very old, and often included notes stressing how the world has changed since writing it. It's all very ascerbic and funny, in the way Eldritch was always is at his best.

Anyway - it's got more references to videogames in than I've ever seen on any music related site ever, including a list of Eldritch's favourite games and such things. I'm not going to link to most of the interesting bits, as either you'll give a toss about this and so will enjoy the wanderings, or you either won't understand games or the Sisters enough, and won't.

However, here's one: Andrew Eldritch on Interactive Fiction. Is there another rock star on the face of the planet who could have written that?

Note to self: find out.




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