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It's Suicide time! COMMERCIAL SUCIDE 2.0 is now open to submissions.

COMMERCIAL SUICIDE 1.0, a 48-page compendium of wrongness, rocked the hizzy at ristol 2004, selling out before 12 noon on the first day. Not bad for a comic organised in 18 days flat. This time, we are aiming for a 64-page book which will be sold at the London con on Oct 23 and will hopefully be printed up afterwards for direct sales & distribution. There are also rumblings of a Brazilian version.

DETAILS: Send us your filth! We want funny and demented stories between 1-8 pages in length, by October 11th. We can hook writers up with artists, but writers would need to get their scripts in by end of this month if they need us to matchmake.

Anonymous contribution (or use of a pseudonym) is allowed.

The only criterion for inclusion in COMMERCIAL SUICIDE is that your piece makes Kieron and I laugh. If it isn't funny, it doesn't go in. If you have any doubts, email us with your script first.

Format is colour cover, black & white interior, A4.

We also need a cover artist. Anyone interested, please email us. The cover will be enerally of the cheesecake (purty female, scantily clad) variety, because we're not too proud to sell our product via sex.

The October 11 deadline is a drop-dead date. If you send anything after Oct 11, Kieron and I will pretend to be very polite, telling you that we will hold it back for Version 3.0 in May. In reality, I'll be holding down the voodoo doll while Kieron stabs it with rusty scalpels.

Assume that Commercial Suicide will be unpaid. However we will divvy up any proceeds from the later printing and distribution (direct or cafepress, still not sure) and send it to people pro rata, based on the number of pages they contributed.

WRITERS (AND ARTIST-WRITERS): Email us and tell us 1) what you'll be contributing; 2) how long it is; and 3) if you need an artist. Please note that we expect a significant number of returning contributors from 1.0, as well as already-promised contributions from various friends. We will close the book to subs once we have a certain number of pages, so don't hang about.
ARTISTS: Email us if you have availability in September/October to draw between 1-8 pages. If there is a maximum number of pages you want to draw, please tell us. If you want to do the cover, tell us. We'll decide on a cover artist in the next 2 weeks.

GROUND RULES: COMMERCIAL SUICIDE is not at home to: wet-blanketry, lateness,
excuses (unless they are really, really funny), quibbling, or dropouts.

COMMERCIAL SUICIDE welcomes: bribes, zombie foetuses, Minister Drill-cock, very large guns, gratuitous nudity and violence, robot armageddon, tartan miniskirts, controlled substances, and general offensiveness. Remember, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. And then the real fun begins.

Alex de Campi (alex_de_campi *at* hotmail *dot* com ) : Co-Tyrant
Kieron Gillen (kieron *at* panelbleed *dot* com): Co-Tyrant
Josh Krach (josh *at* studiophoenix *dot* com): Production God
Hector Lima (hectorlima *at* gmail *dot* com): Latin American Co-Respondent.




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