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Having just completed some glorious hack-work, which has been a welcome change from the usual ultra-highbrow nonsense I normally get saddled with, I think it's time for a general update of the more creative edge of my endeavours.

Firstly, Commercial Suicide V2.0 progresses. De Campi and I are actually doing the editing thing properly since we've been overwhelmed by submissions. The quality has been impressively high, and we're looking at around 100 pages of content, even assuming that a fair chunk flakes at the last minute. A website will be appearing early next week. On my own side of it, Daniel has sent me some new Chimplant images which are frankly incredible. You'll have never seen a man fuck a chimp with such determined vigour before.

Secondly, I did the last photoshoots for Negativeland this week. Hugely stressful due to various time constraints, I wandered neurotically between snapping orders and apologising profusely. But it's all done. Clearly, setting up a variety of shots is against the spirit of Negativeland as originally concieved, but it was always going to get a little more ordered towards the end and the fact it was done in such a rush still means there's a huge great improvisational edge to it. In fact, I'm putting more pressure on myself by deciding not to do any more shots from this point: there's some details around town which would be helpful but what I've decided that what I've got on my hard-drive is all that I've got. Six episodes to go...

Thirdly, got the mass of photo-reference work McKelvie required to do the sample pages for the PHONOGRAM pitch. When that's drawn, we'll take it to publishers and see if anyone bites.

Fourthly, have to pull a few plot synopsis together quickly to seduce an artist for the second Variance anthology. Playing around with a few structural ideas which may be enough to hand an entire action-lead strip on. I need to have this done by tomorrow latest, and will put together a document between writing a feature for EDGE.

Fifthly, getting back deep into Busted Wonder. Charity is busying herself away with the character work, and I've set myself an - extremely achievable - deadline of September 30th for a first draft. It's currently looking like a small OGN in size, of around 80-90 pages. I'll probably write more about the process along the way, but I'm stating it publically so my friends and colleagues can lean on me to get it done. September 30th is my 29th Birthday, and I'd like to have a complete and serious OGN written before then. Colour me neurotic. So far the process has been as hard as anything worthwhile ever is. Perhaps too much so; trying too hard is one of my weaker aspects. At least I'm realising it: the story I'm relating when anyone asks me how it's going is to say that upon showing a page to Charity, she informs me that she doesn't quite think this is right. I look at it, realise what I've done, and cut a couple of hundred words of caption boxes and replace them with a single one reading "The College Boy".

And it works a thousand times better.

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