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"And I just can't help believing/though believing sees me cursed".

Got a new Favourite Song.

And cue mocking from the clued up kids, but fuck it. I never said I was quick.

It's "You Are The Generation Who Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve" by Johnny Boy. It's one of those three-minute-pop-hymns-to-tell-God-to-fuck-off that always get me. It's not quite this year's Soldier Girl, but it's in the same area. This sort of thing always just crucifies me.

Opens with a knowing steal from "Be My Baby" - officially the best pre-hip-hop drum-beat ever - because going all distorted fifties, with bits that sound like Phil Spector landing a space-ship in the middle of a Flaming lips gig. The beat picks up, moving at a canter before the end everything merges into a glorious monpocalypse (Except that there's tiny stereo things that are pulling me this way and that throughout the entire thing). Lyrics nailed, both in form (starting a song with the word "and" is never a bad idea, as it makes the song boundless. See also: Sneering at consumerism. See also: Yeah-Yeahs.) and delivery (Perfect indie-girl seven-inch bedroom symphony, fired through different filters at different moments, becoming more like music and less like message and back and forth according to your desires. How sad she sounds every time she sings "Cursed".). A big pop-fog of a production, with a noise to get lost in. In a small enough dance-floor, I already know this will fill it with a whole universe. The roof will flip off and the stars will spin like blim-lights above us...

XFM session here, with some streaming sound-files of it. Single version is an inch slower slower. Live version is fuzzier. Both are pretty magical, in their own way.

All thoughts are preliminary findings. I've had it in my life for half an hour tops.

Walker thinks it sounds like Band Aid's Feed The World down a well.

Walker is dead to me.

I'm not going to speak to Walker until he rescinds his views and learns the difference between a song that rips from the eighties and one that rips from the fifties. As if Feed The World would ever have something that sounds suspiciously like bloody backward guitars on it.

For fuck's sake. Did Saint Etienne die for these people?

EDIT: Link to its video on the BBC's site. If you've got the bandwidth, I think it's got better sound than the live session too. Even better: Video is ace.




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