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Will be writing considerably more about this soon, but I've just got back from Paris where I saw the Pixies (Short review: Le Pixies! L'est Magnifique!), so am walking dead. Until then, here's the Press release.


The Variance Anthology – Volume One: on sale now

Variance Press is proud to announce the release of The Variance Anthology – Volume One, on sale now through at

The 105-page original graphic novel collects 10 tales of fantasy, horror and science fiction, featuring the work of 12 different artists, as well as a foreword from Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PLANETARY) and an afterword by Dwayne McDuffie, the creator of STATIC SHOCK.

From alien abductions to explorations of the human condition from the inside of an English pub, THE VARIANCE ANTHOLOGY features a number of today’s hottest new faces in comics, as well as a few who are making their debut.

Travis G. Johnson, publisher of Variance Press, says the partnership with Cafe Press means the creators can concentrate on creating and releasing high-quality works in non-standard genres without having to worry about the high overhead normally associated with publishing.

“Anthologies are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are fantastic vehicles for new creators to practice their craft, but on the other, they almost always cost more to make than they bring back in. Using print-on-demand from almost completely removes cost from the equation.”

And while most comic books have a limited shelf life, after which they are no longer reprinted, Johnson says Cafe Press’ print-on-demand service will ensure all of Variance Press’ works will remain available for years to come.

“A few years from now, when someone like Alex de Campi or Sam Hart is the hottest names in comics, readers won’t have to scrounge through back-issue bins to find their earliest works. They can just hop on over to the Variance Press website and order the book.”

Having also written three stories in the Variance anthology, Johnson said he had a great time working with the creators from all across the world to take part on the book, and that he hopes to work with many of them again on future Variance projects. Creators involved in Volume One include: Alex de Campi, Marc Deering, Kieron Gillen, Wesley Gunn, Wilson Hall, Sam Hart, Daniel Maia, Craig McGill, Graeme McMillan, Pedro Potier, Paul Ridgon, and DT Washington, as well as Johnson himself.

“It’s a great honor to have my work alongside that of people I know are going to make a big impact on the comics world. I’m confident this is just a stepping stone to greater and greater things for all of them.”

With shipping available worldwide, the 105-page The Variance Anthology – Volume One is on sale now for only $12.50 at

For more information, contact Matt Smylie at




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