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First review of Chaos League appears online; 80%. Relevant snippet to my work:

"Sound wise things are pretty good. The sense of being in a packed stadium is well handled with the crowd cheering players along as they head towards the goal line, but oddly it's the commentary that sticks out more. The two commentators, in sticking with the games humorous side, constantly spurt out jokes, sarcastic remarks and generally just don't take anything seriously, which fits the game perfectly. What's surprising though is that the commentators aren't as annoying as you'd expect, offering up a few giggles here and there rather than discussing important tactical decisions made by the coach or how brilliantly handled a pass was. Though sometimes repetitive, they do add to the overall fun of the game."

Kieron Gillen in "Not Annoying As You'd Expect" shocker. First time for everything.

(Actually, sarcasm aside for those who don't follow games, that's not a bad thing at all. Considering how terrible most game commentaries are, to be Not As Annoying As You'd Expect is actually pretty high praise)

Won't be linking to any of the other reviews, unless they include something worth talking about. If you want to follow them, here's the link to the Metacritic index.

Got the first coloured pages of the Chaos League comic through yesterday. It's a free gift with the game box. Looks absolutely lovely. More on that nearer release, methinks.




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