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"Dull? Boring? Try five days imprisoned in downtown Dallas. Feel the magnitude of their convention centres, the monolithic deletion of thought that emanates from Baptist banks and empty mirror-shade skyscrapers. The chill of the air conditioning seems to penetrate the souls of these people. Ah, yes. Now I see the trick: by virtue of its banal horror, the baked heartflesh of Texas actually fires the motors of imagination. So perhaps Bath does dull the spirit by virtue of our contentment. What is there to bother with when you’re sedated by the anaesthetic of near perfect location? Sure, there’s the anxiety of house prices, mortgage slaves discuss negative equity in the wine bars, but what really, truly, do we have to worry about? What truly nags us in our handcrafted cradle?"

Rossignol talks about a different cradle to the one that's currently petrifying Thief fans. In its own way, it's just as fearful.




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