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"Been thinking about something I'm going to call the New Vaudeville, because it amuses me to do so because the word 'Vaudeville' hasn't been waved around in public enough for my liking. Whatever the New Vaudeville is, Pink Grease are.

The basic motif of the last few years' garage-revival indie thing was taking what was a gloriously raw musical form and treating it as blue-chip investment. Ironically, especially because some of the people (I'm thinking rock librarians Meg and Jack, mainly) who kicked off the whole thing are clearly genuinely enamoured with their source materials, all it's proved is that anything from the past can be reprocessed and sold if given the correct spin and the removal of anything awkward.

Everyone steals the Gang of Four's guitar sound. No one touches their politics."

New Noise updates with Issue 11, and I avoid trying to review Pink Grease's first real album by coming out with some of the same old nonsense I always do, more than slightly influenced by the Second Word in The Thing For Charity. A quick skim of the site reveals some more good looking stuff too, so be sure to browse.

On other notes, recieved my contributor's advance copies of Warhammer Monthly 83, which includes the second strip I did for them. Will write more on it when you can actually get it, but as an advance: Fuck me, that Steve Pugh really can draw.




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