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"We have no fear of your disgust/You only hate us because you're jealous of success"

I know I've blogged bits of Bobby Conn lyrics before, but everytime the album loops around to the impossibly brilliant bits I can't help but laugh and feel possessed by some huge, malicious intelligence.

The magic is while Bobby Conn's is being possibly the most sarcastic man who ever lived, by using the magic words of world-wide Republican Fascism, he's actually reclaiming this impossible lunatic drive for people like you and I.

Take, for example, the delicious "We're Taking Over The World". It comes to the chorus, and this prophecy of damnation for humanity sounds like the most delicious thing imaginable. Because the subtext of the music is that it's not them that's taking over the world - but us, because we're smarter, more articulate and funnier than our foes.

Which is delusional, but insanity and epic fantasy is the heart of pretty much every one of my great pop fantasies.

We're taking over the world.




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