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"…I guess that in the post-industrial West there's a kinda institutionalised disregard for art, meaning the idea that it's just entertainment, a distraction. To us its a de facto admission in the regime's financing, and their subsidisation, of major art forms like television and even rock and roll music, that speaks volumes about the actual power that art has in extending an invisible hand to control the culture; to provide a narrative and to almost express hypocrisy. The music that we're making is trying to extend an invisible hand to guide the culture towards a Dionysian collapse…"

I fast-forward the tape.

I interview Ian Svenonious of Weird War (Ex-Make-up, Ex-Nation of Ulysses) for Issue 8 of New Noise. If you know who he is, you'll have clicked the link already. If you don't know - well - trust me. You want to discover his identity as soon as possible.

I'm going to do a second piece off the tape - there's a whole load of stuff that isn't in this interview, and not just because of the more unusal transcription method I applied - which will eventually appear over at Plan B.




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