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"Zero-K, this is a secret of the highest order, but I believe that Pardius Haemoglandulum is no longer worthy of the title of Black Hyper-Pope."

"I should have guessed you’d have noted the lesbian fireworks that are currently bright in the firmament – it recalls to this scholar of culture the New-Old Pop of New York and the grand men-chains. Buggery as far as the eye can see: grinding flesh and the sweet symphony of anus and penis. Hopefully soon we’ll see clitonauts reaching equal depths."

"Here things go well. We reached Istanbul during a large civil disturbance: there’s nothing like a tourism of a city on fire, famous landmarks in ruin... I was fortunate enough to witness a riot-creature being born in the destruction of a large warehouse. The beast was beautiful to behold and I have put out a bounty of $30 million to anyone who can bring the beast to me alive. Imagine the zoo! Oh, my. Needless to say, the mob was soon dispersed, and we were able to dine in the Marag Flesh Vaults, where I took part in eating one of the most vicious colossal squid that I have ever encountered. The rotating hooks were tough, but delicious."

"Curse my predilection for youthful iconic assumption! But who listens to tales of Pseudodemyn infection at that age? Youth, like coitus with School Hockey Teams or Oedipal flushes, is wasted on the young."

"My aim is to create an organic amplification and loudspeaker system, as suggested in your paper ‘The Successful Hybridisation of Bass Units and Large Marine Mammals’. It cannot fail. It is a project that obsesses me. Such insight into mutilatory constructs! I can only assume that you too have read the work of Abomnus Quail, the inventor of the sythis-cow. I had a herd of his beasts shipped in from Israel, but their psychedelic braying caused me to run wild with that converted assault-bore man-gun.

"Your Meat Science is exemplary."

"I can think only of bombs. Explosives are like a dream to me, the heaven of fury, an exultation of impact, a delirium of detonation. I have taken demolishing a range of hills that lies to the east of my estate, an activity that goes some way to alleviating my frustrations over current political matters. At night, when I cannot sleep, I take to the Russian howitzer in my garden, and sit, punching shells into distant horizons, letting the decibel cannonade stun me to sleep. There is no finer rest that the total oblivion of acute shell shock."

"Sensible spending? Surely the one thing we can’t afford is moderation."

"The wanderer was mostly silent through our passage, not even the brief shortcut through the infamous New Yorgy where the a posthuman Angelina Jolie, body and mind tragically warped in the structural enhancements required to survive the latest avatar film role, attempted to fuck the entire northern sea coast to death. The only means of containment was a pile on by specially drafted stud-brigades. The 911V911A is a writhing mass of flesh that’s visible from orbit, and caused the entire Earth in the dimension to be classified “XXX” for alien astronomers."

"The pelvic weapons are the best."

Extracts from an incomplete, co-operative work.




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