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Server referrals have one unfortunate side effect. While they'll tell you whoever is linking to you, if it's a link from a place you're not allowed to axis you're put in the position of knowing someone is talking about you - and, in fact, knowing where someone is talking about you - and not being able to know what's going on.

The latest one is Serious K's livejournal. Who is she? Why is she - or someone else in her livejournal messages - decided to link to me in a *private* entry? I dunno.

1) She's clearly a London Indie sort.
2) She links to Dickon Edward's livejournal, Fosca's entertaining living pop-art installment.
3) And that's it.

Hmmm. Only connection I can work out is that Dickon and myself, along with Taylor Parkes, are the entirity of Plan B's blog list (Except, checking, they've just added a fourth, Kontent ).

Paranoid Guess out of the blue: What on earth is an uber-geek games journalist doing in such elevated company?

(Answer: David McNamee wants to kiss me on the lips, with tongues and fingers and everything.)

Answers in the comments, hopefully, by a passing Serious-K-link follower-cum-Samaritan.




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