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Negativeland Updates. Episode 10: Dragos.

Which is always nice to find when you've just got back from a moderately entertaining night at Purr. Its immortality will be ensured by Surferosa, who despite committing the cardinal sin and (mis)naming themselves after a record, actually proved deeply entertaining in a kind of seventies Atari Teenage Riot fronted by a glitterpop Toyah/Margaret O'Hara/Iggy Pop crossbreed. However, I won't be writing about it since I've idly got my eye on doing some manner of review for someone or another about them.

Instead I'll talk about girls kissing.

While in modern indie-pop circles there's a lot more gloriously prickteasing of girls-making-out action than in my youth - much to my sadness - there was a particularly onus on sapphic amusements this evening. Cambell, Walker and myself sat in a mixture of amusement and mild arrousal as a sizeable group of peroxided creatures snogged with great enthusiasm for a gentleman with a camera. This immediately gives me an idea for what would clearly be the greatest episode of Negativeland of ALL TIME. Enough with this artsiness! Hot girl on Girl action... in negative. I want to singlehandedly bankrupt Jim's server bills by tapping into the inversed-colour porn-dollar. As well as these exciting additions to the world of Purr bicuriosity their were hardy perennials henceforth known - as Walker sinisterly dubs them in Gillen-speak - "The Vixens" doing their very best. Even the lead singer of Surferosa was getting in on the act.

The only people not snogging girls, it seemed were, us. Which is fine for Stuart and I, as we're taken, but leaves John feeling sad and alone. Except, he stressed, while he can't stop looking at the girls kissing, he doesn't fancy any of them in the slightest.

Oh no, John. You just look at them for the articles.

He's actually saving his affections for a girl with a fringe who due to her extreme resemblance to Cassandra Project lead Charlotte Williams, if she ever did make a pass at me, I'd have to turn down with the line "I'm sorry. I can't sleep with you. I think I wrote you".

That's enough of that I think. Time for a Masturbation Break.

And talking about Masturbation breaks, a quick plug for a friend of mine's new site The Sin Garden which launched a few days ago.

Probably not work safe. And if it is work safe where you are - well - any spare jobs going?




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