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Negativeland Updates. Episode 11: Girl.

I like this one a lot. Makes me wanna use words like "formalist", but I'll spare you

Couple of other things:

1) Apparently MCV have printed the redux version of the New Games Journalism today, so if you've found yourself here looking for the full text, follow this handy hyperlink.

2) Am off to San Francisco for a week tomorrow. I have approximately 2000 things to do before I actually head off - train at 5:50 am tomorrow, Kieron sleep pattern fans - and almost certainly won't get them all done. If you're expecting a reply to an e-mail and don't get one, my apologies. I promise I'll catch up the second I'm back in blighty, but it's of paramount importance I do things like shave my head before leaving, as otherwise I'll get turned back at US customs for having the mange or something.




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