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"Here at UKTerrorist we've interviewed the top players, event organisers, CS developers, mappers, anti-cheat software developers, even eachother. Unfortunately we were bound to run out of ideas, so out of sheer desperation we find ourselves interviewing freelance gaming journalist Jim Rossignol.

Jim has contributed to most of the UK's major gaming publications both PC and console. He was also a staff writer for PCGamer before deciding to become a freelance journalist. Jim is one of the few lucky reporters who played the much anticipated Doom 3 and is an avid multiplayer gamer. Jim through his publications manages to bring a coolness to geekdom not witnessed since Quentin Tarantino first hit the limelight. Thus without further ado, I introduce Jim Rossignol."

Rossignol is interviewed by popular CS site, the CIA-worryingly named, UK Terrorist.

Superstar videogame journalists. Here we go.




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