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"Every town has its cast of minor characters. Travelling everywhere on foot means you get to see a lot of them. The kids at the end of the road, the junkies at the phonebox, the old guy under the bridge - these are all regular fixtures on my route into town and a few of them have popped up in my writing.

One of them who has yet to make a debut is the man who collects the trolleys at our local supermarket. He's in his early forties and has a dopey, docile look to him. He's lanky, and perhaps a bit boyish for his age. Today I got a small and rather surprising insight into his life. As I exited the car park I rounded the corner to see him kissing a man half his age. Greying trolleyman and oily skate kid were locked in passionate tongue wrestling. Then, as I passed, the trolleyman's lover suddenly pushed him away, saying in the broadest west-country accent: "Eurrgh! You've been eating parsnip!"

"Have not.""

Comrade Rossignol finally submits and starts a blog, with tales of West Country homosexuality.




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