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"Variance Press prepares for release of first anthology

The creative forces behind Variance Press are gearing up for the publication of the first issue of “The Variance Anthology #1” comic book, a 60+ page collection of creator-owned science fiction, horror and fantasy short stories, scheduled to be released May 2004.

Distributed by, Variance will be releasing Original Graphic Novels on a quarterly schedule, featuring new and experienced voices determined to create quality stories in genres that are all but forgotten in today’s comic books.

“Over the past few years, the comics industry has generally shied away from genre projects. Variance is going to bring them back to the forefront,” said Travis G. Johnson, publisher of Variance Press.

More details and samples will be released as the release date nears."

I'm contributing a story to this. More later, but thought you'd be interested in the press release. More in link including a bio of immense stupidosity.




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