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Taking a break from imaginary worlds for a second, I'll draw your attention to something in the real one.

My Friend, comics-writer and big dirty hippy Ali Pulling, shares the following, which I in turn share with you.


This is where I've been recently.

I am strangely calm with rage and have been trying to sort out the legal situation.

I don't give a fuck if any of you are going to go on with 'hippy treehugging' comments. What you should be worried about is that action has been taken whilst a case is still under appeal in the courts. Technically, the action wasn't illegal, but it seems that this is setting a precedent which makes a mockery of the whole procedure of appeal.

So, if there's a court order against you, and you're appealing it, if nothing happens about this, then the court order may be enforced before the appeal comes before court. I don't know if this is a genuine loophole in the law, or just plain evil bastardry. Or both.

I'm hoping that the courts will take a very dim view of this action, uphold the appeal, and declare the eviction illegal. But in the meantime they'll have felled most of the trees that were being protected. I'm sure that the construction company has considered this and budgeted for a fine anyway.

Cunting, cunting, cunting, shitemongering fuckfaced felchbubbles.

Not happy.

Like I said, I'm strangely calm, but want to go and break things in a cooly calculated, but hugely destructive way.




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