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Saw a band. Saw a band. I looked at them. It was a band.

Makes no sense to you, but says everything to me.

Back from Moles who pulled another of their gloriously zine-punk moments by putting on Art Brut, an art-rock band who sounded like people pummelling the Fall to death loudly while Jamie Boardman, Rebellion's Graphic Novel Editor, does his drunken shouting act over it. It was somewhat glorious.

It came together in what's going to be their first single - "Formed a Band" - about, pretty much, what the title says. When shouty-geezer belts out the chorus, stating plainly - as if he can barely believe it either - "Formed a band! We formed a band! LOOK AT US! We formed a band".

MP3s on their site, but they don't quite get the glorious racket they produce live and the sheer extent of the lack of talent proudly on show. Single at end of the month on Rough Trade. Get it.

John Walker also fancies the red haired bassist, which is another sizeable plus.




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