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Now, while I may have slaughtered it ritually over at Novamobbed, reading a rubbish book on curses did provoke a few ideas for stories. As anyone who's ever attempted to write knows, this is what Non-fiction is for.

Rip-off fiction and you're a hack. Rip-off non-fiction and you're a visionary polymathic genius.


The story comes from one of the many snide and annoying things the writer peppered his book with, clearly meant as a jibe. And it hit my head at an angle, span off and blew a hole through the woman sitting opposite me on the train's head. And lo - a story.

After a polish in the next couple of days, and assuming it doesn't suddenly turn from gold (or, rather, semi-precious metal) to shit overnight, I'll actually submit to someone or another. The "who" is fairly obvious and it's the "who" I've never actually written anything for despite spending far too much time hammering out five-page-with-twist stories. And then, with that out the way, I'll write something for Charity to draw as promised in MSN this evening.

Posted as I realised I hadn't actually talked about writing any comics here for ages, and to make you realise I'm not all about playing ZangbandTk.

Which I haven't mentioned here either.

If you don't know, don't go looking. It may get you too and you can kiss your productivity away for a clear month.




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