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"Chrissie Murphy is 83. Born in 1920, she's lived and worked through a World War, had a Summer of Love and saw capitalist freedom spread throughout the northern hemisphere, amongst other things

Quickload her life: where would you start? Experience dubya-dubya-eye-eye as it happened? No Call of Duty, no Medal of Honor, just multitudes of German bombs smashing down on Clydeside, killing, crushing, ending. No game can capture the reality, they can only give snapshots, still images at 60 frames-per-second.

Videogames give us so much leeway with life. In the more freeform, the most emergent, we can choose to live or let die. In most we randomly murder - sorry, cause the death animation to be called - because this isn't real life, is it?"

State throws up something worthy of wider-linking again.




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