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Just posted this over at the V here. I reiterate in my blog:

Commercial Suicide: Get on the Local Frequency.

A Sicktim broadcast.

Right you fuckers. This is the deal. Bristol 2004 a mini comic from the
diseased stable of SickTim, Ali P and Kieron Gillen. The boundaries of
taste get pushed back further than Tibet protesters at a Chinese State
visit. So far a few good men, women and undistinguishables have stood up to
be counted. But we always need more.

I need 4 artists for myself their scripts will be:
1) The Thalidamide avenger
2) Rocket Monkeys
3) The Turd that Killed Elvis (1 Pager)
4) Suicide Bomber

Other Writers are welcome but we can't supply artists (I'm having enough
trouble myself.)

We're down to the wire on this one. No time, no money just wrongness and
bloody mindedness. The things dreams are made of.

Artists and writers sign up below. Page limit: Anything you can get produced

---------------------------};~>ST (Silenced but never Silent.)

Message ends.




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