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Before I forget, New Noise has updated. This one includes an edited remix of my Top 40 singles feature from this blog from me. Entertaining to see how 4000 words of sprawl can be cut down by someone else to a core of an opinion. I'm still pleased with the line "Urgent like a morning after pill".

Was at Moles last night, and had my first chance to dance publically to my Number 1. Sadly, completely impossible to move to. Needed more drunkeness and a partner willing to chace the ludicrous nature of the song. I pined for my Brother, or someone else dumb enough to think that kneeling on a concrete floor was a good idea.

But forget such stuff! A memorable night for a couple of other reason:

1) I bought a packet of cigarettes. The second pack I've bought in my life - the first was in America, seven years back. It was purchased because I wanted a second cigarette and I'd already stole one off Amanda and there was no-one else around I knew well enough to bum one from. I miss Chrissy incredibly. Where will I get my second-bored-cigarette from if not from her?

2) John Walker danced. Now, I heard rumour of a brief flirtation with the floor at El-Chriss-meister's leaving do a couple of weeks ago to the - fairly tricky -Race For The Prize by the Flaming Lips. This was distinctly the teenage-furtive dry-humping compared to the deep immersion seen last night in a run of six or so modern pop classics. He shakes it! Shakes it like a Polaroid Picture! (Except not to that one, as it's too hard).




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