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Tell you a story.

Sick Tim goes to the Bristol Comics Con last year, stands up at some manner of comic pitching event and tells them what’s on his mind. And that is, somewhat predictably, sickness. And wrongness. He’s kindly told by industry figures that his little ideas are “Unprintable and, frankly, offensive”. So he decides to see if the laws of physics actually do prevent ink coalescing into the forms of his desire by doing some manner of anthology entitled – logically enough – Commercial Suicide. He sets off to find fellow travellers.

Sick Tim comes to me, flicking through a copy of my Hit collection and says: you’ve got potential. You may have a stupid tendency to worry about subtext when you’re still clearly struggling with text*… but you’re also unfathomably beautiful**. If you've got a capital-W Wrong story to tell, tell it in Commercial Suicide.

And say: I’ll give it a think.

And I give it a think.

I write something and show it to Sick Tim. He says “That is horrible and wrong… I LOVE IT! Jesus Fucking Christ. Shit like that shouldn't be allowed”. This is something of a victory.

And now I search for an artist.

For those who’ve had the misfortune of reading any of my scripts before, don’t worry. There’s no nine-panel grids, no hugely over-written panels and nothing that’s literally impossible for the human hand to draw. All the difficulty that the script presents is in its subject matter.

Which is? Well, we probably best express this via pictures.

+ = ?

Are you artist enough to work out how to draw the “?”. Then the artist position on CHIMPLANTS is yours for the asking. Sadly, I won’t be able to provide any financial remuneration for your efforts, though the respect and/or revulsion of your peers will clearly be sizeable beyond measure. Script sample is an e-mail to me away. If you haven’t worked out by now, it’s a black comedy in a similar way to – say – a Crimea War hospital was a black comedy.

The problem with our trash culture is that it’s simply not trashy enough. Together, we can remedy this.

Interested? Contact me on my usual address. Not interested? WEAK!

*Sick Tim may not have said this bit.
** Or this.




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